Thursday, April 2, 2009


When my girlfriend (Kelly) was here last week, she made me run.  We were going to stop after a mile but I said something to the effect of "no, we are doing 1.5, cause you're actually here to make me do it".  We did the 1.5 in just over 16 mins (i think it might have been closer to 17).  But we did it.

I haven't run since then.  I was going to go yesterday, but it was cold and rainy.  Last time I tried that, I had an allergy attack.  So instead, I went and bought a scale to keep track of my weight.  This morning I was 159.4.  So there is my benchmark.  I guess i'd like to get to 150, but honestly, the weight isn't the issue.  It's fat.  I have no muscle mass, so all my excess weight is bodyfat.  Thus the running.

I was going to go today.  However, after going to the store and driving with my windows open, my allergies had made me all stuffy and my throat tight.  So I thought no run.  But then i said screw it, I need to do this.  So I changed out of my work clothes, and even though it would mean taking shower #2 for the day, I ran.  I did the same route as I did with Kelly - 1.5 miles.  I did it in 15:48.  I think my plan is to keep doing this route until I get is under 14 minutes and it seems easy.  Then go longer.  I may only run once or possibly twice a week - and I'll probably stop when it's 90 degrees out...but it's a starting point!


Kelly said...

Yayyy! Good job!

I wanted to tell you to suck it up and run anyway, but my mom says I'm not sympathetic enough... so I kept my mouth shut.

And our last run was 16:14.

Karen said...


Kelly had to help me figure out how to post a comment.