Friday, April 3, 2009

2 in a row!

Yes, that's right. I came home from work at 5:30 today, changed, stretched, and went running! I was a little sore, but i ran the full 1.5 anyway. My goal was to go a little faster. It's hard because i start at the bottom of a 100ft climb, so that wears me out from the start if I'm going too fast. I had a little cramp in my side after the first 2 mins, so I slowed down slightly. Still, I did a mile in 11:09. Not great, but probably better than average. I want to get that done to 10 mins, even with the hill.

My final time for 1.5 miles? 15:14. Not bad. Maybe next time I can be under 15. Today was perfect running weather - about 60 and sunny when I started. After a mile, I got caught in a bit of a storm. It only lasted a minute, but for that minute I was running against some strong wind and driving rain. I was funny looking - clutching my iPod to my chest to protect it from the rain.

Oh yeah, and my weight was 158.? today. I forget what the "?" was. I think it was like 7 or something on the higher end of the spectrum. But 158 is good. I'm fine with that. Better than that scary 164 when i first weighed myself after buying the scale. I guess that was false. Onward and for the weight. And downward for the time. But upward for the distance ran. Yeah, you get the point.


Kelly said...

YAYY! I'm so proud of you! Plus, you're muh faster than me (especially with those brutal hills). And a mini storm? What on earth?

Karen said...

I am waiting for 3 in a row.