Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Loop

It's really cool out today (75). I was going to make excuses, but instead, I decided I needed to go for the whole loop that i posted yesterday. I figured I won't ride for a week, so I needed to do it today.

So i rode the whole loop. A climb of 341 feet and total distance of 3.17 miles. And i did that in 20 mins which = 9.5 miles per hour. Not bad. The sad part? My legs were rubber when I was done. They could barely hold my weight. I walked down the stairs and almost fell over. I would have if I didn't have the wall. So out of shape...it's sad.

But...at least I got out and did it. Also, I wanted to walk up this big hill at the end and kept making excuses as it approached (i'm out of breath, it's a dangerous hill for traffic, I need to stop for a drink, etc). But i fought through it and made the trip. Go me!

Tomorrow I go to Illinois. Hopefully Kelly doesn't work me too hard!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

yay, go you!

I find that sometimes the best motivation is reward. Like, I say to myself 'I won't stop running for again until I get home. And If I accomplish that, I can jump in the pool (or eat ice cream (or watch the simpsons))' etc.

Works for me. :)

And I can't WAIT for you to get here!