Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 5 = Day 2

So i took a few days off. Friday we played a graduation party so I had to move all our equipment, which was enough of a workout. Saturday I was mostly lazy but was busy with errands and church, so I just never got around to it. Plus, I hate working out when people are around. And my parents were home, so I didn't feel like it. Sunday I was busy with church and grandparents. Today I went outside and shot some baskets. I am a basketball genious when nobody is watching. I think i made 80% of my shots...some of them long distance. Either that, or somebody placed a magnet inside my ball and on the backboard. I get nothing but net on most shots.

Anywho...i did that for a bit then decided instead of making excuses, I should get on the bike and give it another try. My rule: if I felt a raindrop I should turn around (we're supposed to get storms). So I hopped on and it felt a lot better this time. Good to know i can ride a bike again.

I only rode a mile round trip because a) i felt a raindrop and b) I had left my dog outside and didn't want him to bark. So I went back home. felt good and I wasn't that out of breath. I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice so maybe i'll go for a real ride. This is the shortest loop i can do without turning around:

And that has an elevation of:

Now i'm tired and am going to zone out for a while.

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Kelly said...

look at all those trees!!!